A look into Trauma Informed Reflective Supervision

Culturally responsive approaches to building agency and connection /Enfoques culturalmente receptivos para construir agencia y conexión

Written in collaboration with Zadeth Orama-Vega, school psychologist/ Escrito en colaboración con Zadeth Orama-Vega, Psicóloga escolar

Each week I host Trauma Informed Office hours with educators from around the US, we share small (or…

Lesson plans for online instruction that promote agency and meaningful participation

Parents and teachers are scrambling to create lessons and engage children in activities while they are out of school. The challenge is to make activities meaningful and affirming in a time of disruption and uncertainty. Trauma is defined by…

Have your child read 30 minutes a night. For some families this is a no brainer, their child reads so much they have to ask them to stop. For others it requires some scheduling and encouragement and it gets done. For at least 20% of parents whose child has difficulty reading, they might still be recovering from the last time they tried to enforce this. For those 20%, here are some ways to encourage reading without resorting to force:

  1. Let your child see you reading. A book. Made of paper.
  2. Use the Premack principle. For every minute your child reads, they get a desired activity of their choice. …

Emily Santiago, LEP

Ed Psych/Educator/Entrepreneur/Mom to a rad daughter. #TraumaInformed founder fighting for a more compassionate, equitable, and innovative world. cogdiv.com

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